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Sunshine Coast Hospital & Health Service

2017 Grow the flow with Team Adem

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Congratulations to Sunshine Coast Hospital & Health Service (SCHHS) who were announced as the 2017 Queensland winners of the Australian Health Services Blood Donation Challenge. Not only were they named Queensland champions for the 2nd year in a row, but SCHHS also had the highest amount of new donor participation throughout the challenge. Even though many SCHHS employees were incredibly busy moving into the new Sunshine Coast University Hospital during the 12-week challenge, they still managed to roll-up their sleeves to make a lifesaving difference to over 500 people who rely on blood products.

Team Adem again would like to thank the SCHHS executive team and all SCHHS employees for their continued support of our Blood Donation Community. We would also like to acknowledge the efforts of SCHHS CNC nurse Jan English.

Pictured is Jonny Walker (ARCBS Donor Services Manager Queensland), Scott Lisle (Acting Chief Executive of Sunshine Coast University Hospital), Jan English SCHHS (Transfusion Clinical Nurse Consultant) and Brent.

Why not show your support for our healthcare workers on the Sunshine Coast & join one of the SCHHS blood donation teams. Next time you donate, simply ask to join the Sunshine Coast Hospital & Health Service Red25 Team or join online HERE

(Group Name – Sunshine Coast Hospital & Health Service)
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SCHHS 2018 Blood Donation Tally 

1st Jan – 31st Dec  

 Current Donations 175

Current Lives Saved  525

Last update 01/04/2018

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