Team Adem Passes 1000 Blood Donations….. Saving Over 3000 Lives !!

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Team Adem Passes 1000 Blood Donations….. Saving Over 3000 Lives !!

The Team Adem Blood Donation team has incredibly just passed 1000 blood donations saving over 3000 lives. Not only have we passed this amazing milestone but we have managed to achieve one of Adem’s wishes..This is an amazing effort by all our donors and supporters.  Now that we know this is possible our aim is to continue to grow on this every year ……saving many thousands of lives.Team Adem has become one on the largest and most progressive Club Red Blood Donation teams in the nation and is growing every day.

So often we hear how a single donation can save 3 lives but the reality is….. the mountain is just too high for some patients and they won’t recover from their ailment.  In a lots of cases especially blood cancers, it is blood transfusions that gives these patients valuable time with their loved ones. No one knows this more than our family who were able to spend last Christmas with Adem thanks to the combined efforts of medical staff and blood donors.

We ask all our donors to roll up their sleeves during the next few months and give a very special Christmas gift to those who require blood products……..This is a gift that no amount of money can buy.

Thanks again for your wonderful support