Pantene Beautiful Lengths Program

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Hi Everyone,

My name is Miranda Crosby and I have just turned 14.

Next year in March I will be shaving off all my hair at the Leukaemia Foundations World’s Greatest Shave (WGS) fundraising event as part of the Team Adem WGS team. I am shaving my head in honour of my 19 yr old brother Adem  (who recently passed away from Leukaemia) and other patients and families affected by blood cancers. Before I shaved ALL my hair next March I decided to support another great Initiative ….. ‘Pantene Beautiful Lengths Program, supporting women with cancer’.  On November 12th I donated 20 cm of my hair during Pantene National Donate Your Hair Week. I have pledged to donate the remainder of my hair in March after our WGS event.

This program inspires women to grow, cut and donate their hair to be turned into real-hair wigs for women undergoing cancer treatment by haircare brand Pantene. Having spent so much time in oncology wards with my brother, I know how much it means to someone to receive a wig when losing their hair while being treated for cancer. I am encouraging others to join me and donate a small amount of your hair to this great program and also put out a challenge to those who are considering shaving at the 2014  WGS ….just think how many wigs could be made from all that hair!!!

Knowing that I am helping to raise funds for the Leukaemia Foundation and helping to provide a wig for someone battling cancer is extremely gratifying.

Love Miranda x

[framed_box width=”610px” bgColor=”#d249a3″ textColor=”#F6F6F6″ rounded=”true” align=”center”]Please sponsor me for my shave and help me reach my fund raising goal[/framed_box]

[framed_box width=”610px” bgColor=”#F6F6F6″ textColor=”#bf3590″ rounded=”true” align=”center”]Click Here for more information on how you can get involved and donate your hair[/framed_box]