Thank you Concept Laps

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Thank you Concept Laps

What a surprise when we went to collect our regular order of Team Adem personalised tote sunscreens and hand sanitisers, to find out that the team at Concept Labs Australia wanted to donate them all to us. This very kind gesture was certainly appreciated, and we sincerely thank the team at Concept Labs. Team Adem would especially like to thank General Manager Naomi Elliot.

Concept Labs is a Sunshine Coast company who manufacture high quality ranges of topical skin care products, industrial cleaners, and cosmetics. Team Adem has been purchasing and donating these sunscreen & sanitiser totes to patients attending the Adem Crosby Centre for the past 5 years and they are always greatly appreciated.

Pictured handing over yesterday’s donation to Lu is employee Indyana. Thanks again Concept Labs for helping us help others