25 rounds of radiation

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Lu’s breast cancer diagnosis

25 rounds of radiation

This week marked another important chapter in Lu’ s Breast Cancer journey. Last Tuesday Lu started her 25 rounds of radiation. Although Lu’s mastectomy removed her cancer, radiation & chemotherapy are given as an extra precautionary measure. In Lu’s case, the radiation is given while she is lying on her back and a specific area is targeted. The procedure takes around 10 minutes each day for 25 days. Common side effects associated with Lu’s radiation are tiredness, redness and thickening of the skin around the radiated area. As usual Lu is in great spirits and has managed to get out & about a little although unfortunately she has developed some quite debilitating side effects from her final rounds of chemotherapy. Lu developed Peripheral Neuropathy – a side effect related to certain chemotherapy drugs. The nerves in her fingers, hands, toes & feet have been affected/damaged.

Very simple everyday tasks like doing up buttons, typing, holding pots etc are difficult and painful to do. Walking has also become painful as Lu has very limited feeling in her toes & feet. Stairs are a definite no-no due to the possibility of a fall. Hopefully, these side effects should subside over the months ahead but it looks like Lu is going to be an on-looker at our Christmas gift-wrapping stand this year. Pictured is Lu standing next to her latest friend, a linear accelerator (radiation machine) and sitting with her radiation gown ready for treatment.

We would once again like to thank everyone for your kind wishes & messages of support.
Brent 🌟

“Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength” – Arnold Schwarzenegger